Growing Up Asian in Utah – Student Project 有兴趣者回答这些问题

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  • Choose at least 5-10 questions from the attached list.

  • Record your responses using the voice memo app on your phone. Ensure you are in a quiet and enclosed space to minimize background noise.

  • Once you have completed the recording, please send the audio file to ( by June 13th.

  • Recall a time when you realized that you were different from the other kids in your community.

  • When you realized that you were different, what was your initial response?

  • Has being a minority complicated your relationship with your ethnic identity?

  • In a society where your face often makes a first impression, did you feel judged too quickly for your face? How do you feel about the way people observe your ethnic features?

  • Did you ever feel like you had to try harder than the average person to be considered beautiful or cool?

  • Was your family supportive of these challenges with race, or did they unconsciously ingrain a sense of urgency to fit a certain mold?

  • How has your experience as an Asian-American in Utah shaped your current outlook on your social relationships?

  • How did you cope with any anger, resentment, or sadness toward your identity and situation? Were you ever able to express those feelings?

  • What do you think would’ve helped you feel more secure and confident as a child?

  • How have you found healing? Is it something you are still working on? What has helped you find self-acceptance?

  • What advice would you give to the next generation of Asian-Americans in Utah?

  • What does it take to gain confidence and root yourself when people try to put you in a box or invalidate your identity?

  • Did feeling other make you closer to your Asian-American roots, or more distant?

  • During the pandemic, Asian-Americans experienced unjust blame for the virus and many were victims of hate crimes–that increased significantly. How did the COVID-19 Pandemic affect you?

  • Did you ever learn about Asian-American history in Utah? If not, do you wish you could’ve known more about your predecessors who navigated Utah decades before?


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